Commissioned artwork is usually a matter of thoughtful deliberation, a certain consideration that is not part our daily regimen.

Sometimes it's impulsive, but more times than not it is a decision made after carefully weighing imagery and selecting an artist.

Some people will chose a favored landscape or jardin, perhaps a summer cabin or a special animal. More times than not, the image is of someone, that individual especially loved, the one who left their mark and impression upon you.

My preference is for that individual, their persona from another time, that singular, extraordinary image from the family album, the shoebox of life stories in the armoire or fitted to the vanity mirror. That person, grandparent, wife, brother, great aunt or best friend lives in the likeness you often favor over others. Maybe astride a horse, leaned against a weathered fence or sitting in that old familiar chair on the porch. The image is more than memory or nostalgia, it tells the story. My drawings are life stories.

As in my statement, I mention how vintage photography tells that story. The sepia-tone or old black & white image recalls another time and place. What has gained me recognition and award are the images I've produced of people who lived in the century now behind us.

Revisit the gallery on this website. You may find the artwork compelling or intriguing but to you personally, the images may mean little. Now imagine one of those portraits to be of your grandparent, parent or sibling. If you can, then allow me to execute the most personal piece of artwork you may ever own.

Please contact me at I would very much like to answer any questions you may have regarding commissioning artwork from me. The process is really quite simple.